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Published at immo website 24-11-22

    - For Sale -

A former renovation project (2014) is for sale in the region of Ghent, Belgium.

News article in HLN 17-11-2022 

Reconversion plans for the church Kaaskerke

News article in KW (Krant West-Vlaanderen) 17-11-2022 

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Moving to the new office building 01-07-2022 

- We Moved -

Exactly 15 years after starting up in 2007, CRU! Architects has moved into its new office building. Always welcome to visit us at Druifstraat 51A in Ghent.  

Online article at KU Leuven Stories 07-05-2022 

Bamboo for all! 

KU Leuven published this webarticle following the concluded PhD of Sven Mouton. 

News article in De Standaard 12-01-2022

Entrance building for

the zoo Planckendael

CRU! Architects is currently working on new entrance buildings for the Zoo Planckendael, including the ticket booths, gift shop, toilets, office space and a 25m high bamboo tower.

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News updates


PhD presentation 13-12-21

The Public Defence

Sven Mouton has successfully obtained his doctoral degree on 13th December 2021 at the Faculty of Engineering Science, Department Architecture of the KU Leuven. The PhD is titled ´Evaluation framework for sustainable, innovative low cost building prototypes with bamboo`. Especial thanks to Prof. Karen Allacker,  Em. Prof. Han Verschure and Em. Prof. Khosrow Ghavami for being the (co-)promotor and their unwavering support. Also thanks to Gunter Pauli, Pablo van der Lugt, Griet Verbeeck and Mieke Vandenbroucke for being in the jury. 

 Presentation 09-07-2021

Lab Study of the Reconversion of

Wind Turbines

A project created by Thomas De Maeyer (Statues of Nature) and the artist Koen Van Mechelen. CRU! Architects is responible for the 3D rendering, architeture permits and the technical outlay. 

 Published in the Catalogus of ECC 22-05-21

17th Architecture Biennial 2021

The design was set out to demonstrate the strength of bamboo by increasing the weight on the slab, inherently the force exerted on the bamboo geometry increases in sixfold because of the pulleys. The bamboo installation was exhibited at Palazzo Mora organized by the European Cultural Centre (ECC). The 17th International Architecture Exhibition ran from 22 May to 21 November 2021 in Venice, Italy.

Produced for WBC Taiwan 15-04-21



A project in collaboration with Gunter Pauli of the Blue Economy and Master L. Liu of Bamboola Taiwan. The latter built a scale-model of the Bamboo Pod. Take a look to see what Blue Economy Technologies are implemented in the design.