CRU! architects design with a great passion for natural elements such as bamboo and rammed earth, but also wood, rocks, trees, and plants. For natural elements make us feel at ease and connect us with the nature around us. We mix these natural elements with a modern architectural style which embraces light and openness through large windows and open spaces. A style that can be described as Europical. Every building demands a different approach because it is set in a different natural environment with therefore different design demands. We also believe that architecture is a craftsmanship and hence the architect should build with his own hands as well, as we often do in our projects.

Our love for bamboo has brought us (back) to Brazil where Sven Mouton is currently working on a PhD on designing with bamboo. Nevertheless the architecture office in Belgium as well as in Brazil are both still active and we continue to do projects that inspire us. So if you feel like working with us, please let us know. You can contact us at sven@cru-architecten.be